Light Rail Train Takeover

Project: Light Rail Train Takeover in Minneapolis, MN

Skills & Technology: Exterior Layout (Illustrator), Poster Layout (InDesign), Photo Editing (Photoshop), Logo Development (Illustrator)

Visit Duluth Train Wrap Live Event
Visit Duluth Train Exterior
Visit Duluth Train Interior

Project Summary:

To boost the number of visitors to Duluth during the winter season, Visit Duluth partnered with Explore Minnesota for a Light Rail Train takeover campaign.


My design concept started with the creation of the “Find it in Duluth” icon. I paired the icon with clear branding for Visit and photos featuring unique locations in Duluth on the exterior wrap and the interior posters of the train.

To launch the campaign, Visit Duluth hosted an in-person event during the morning rush hour at a downtown Minneapolis Light Rail station outside City Hall. We provided free Caribou Coffee in “Find it in Duluth” branded cups and gave away gift cards and travel packages from our partners in Duluth.

The campaign was so effective that Visit Duluth ran a summer campaign with new photos and a live event outside a Twins game, and another winter campaign the following year. The train wrap design was featured by Explore Minnesota at the 2020 Tourism Conference.

Visit Duluth- Live Event at the MN Twins
Visit Duluth Summer Train
Visit Duluth Summer Train Interior