Sheri Cosgrove

I’m a designer and programmer who specializes in digital marketing.

Professionally trained in marketing and programming, with a background in design, my skills and experience allow me to direct marketing campaigns from concept through execution.

I am an expert at crafting strategy, planning user experience, and designing layouts. I create content that drives engagement.  I write code, work with content management systems, and can build custom digital applications. I manage domain names, file hosting, and online databases. I design digital and traditional printed advertising to support marketing campaigns. I monitor results and continuously make adjustments to ensure success.

If you are looking for someone who can direct your marketing team, craft strategy, create content and manage campaigns, or someone who can dig in and complete the work from start to finish on their own, I would be a great fit!

The Work

I have spent over 20 years creating and executing successful marketing plans across digital and traditional platforms. I have worked for a university, at a digital agency, as a partner with multiple advertising agencies, and as a freelancer. Currently, I am the owner of a creative marketing agency and the director of marketing for a destination marketing organization.

The projects collected here are samples of my work.

Visit Duluth Projects
Visit Duluth projects showcase the depth of my experience crafting marketing for a single client.

Cosgrove Creative Projects
Cosgrove Creative projects showcase the breadth of my experience working with a diverse base of clients and project types.


Visit Duluth 2021 Marketing Plan
Visit Carver County - Web Development
Duluth Visitor Guide
Trust Point: Print Marketing
Light Rail Train Takeover
Email Marketing Campaigns
Visit Duluth Social Media Marketing
Digital Ad Development
Duluth Landing Pages
Alphabet Junction Web Development
Visit Duluth Email Marketing
NIE - Web Development
Outdoor Digital Billboards
First Strike
Sheri Cosgrove - Strategic Marketing Professional

Ready to Get Started?

Successful marketing requires a careful blend of communication using techniques and strategies that your audience can connect with. I’ll work with you to compose a compelling story, design engaging layouts, and create marketing that gets results.

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Compose + Design + Execute = Successful Strategic Marketing